Whether you are facing an audit, certification, need to register, need to set up a compliance program, would like a mock audit, or would like to dispute a violation, REA has the expertise to guide clients through the maze of regulations  and protocols required.  Our consultants have led audits and certifications and implemented many of the programs that the industry is required to comply with.  We have experience customizing compliance programs to fit your  organization.  Problem solved!

These services include:

  • Gap analysis
  • Mock audits
  • Internal controls
  • Compliance training
  • Risk management
  • Certifications
  • Registration
  • Appeals


Our experts can assist with all of your engineering needs.  If you need studies done for interconnection agreements, modeling done, power flow studies, or simply need project management, give REA a call.  

These services include:

  • Interconnection studies
  • Modeling
  • Relay testing and maintenance
  • ​Power flow studies
  • ​Project management


REA has partnered with very seasoned IT experts to provide solutions to keep pace with the ever increasing demands of IT.  From EMS upgrades, software integration, cyber security, and CIP compliance, our experts have done it all.  Give us a call to discuss your IT needs.  Problem solved!

These services include:

  • EMS upgrades
  • CIP compliance
  • Cyber security
  • ​Software
  • ​IT intergration


The goal of security awareness training is to educate your employees on common cyber security threats, with a goal of changing their behavior. Curricula redefines cyber security awareness training by using a unique story based learning process, enabling an innovative educational experience like no other.